Connecticut Chinese Culture Association currently offers the following programs:

1. Seminar and Workshop

Title: Reviving 5000 Years of Chinese Civilization

When the European renaissance was taking place 6 to 7 centuries ago, very few people knew about it. In fact, the term “renaissance” wasn’t coined until the peak of the renaissance had already passed. But now the renaissance of Chinese Culture is happening in our time and we have the opportunity to witness it and be part of it.

The presentation will include the essence and uniqueness of the traditional Chinese culture, how the rich tradition being interrupted, how the authentic culture is coming back to world stage through genuine artistic values and presentation such as the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts.

The culture presentation can run from 15 to 30 min depending time allowed. The seminar and workshop is free of charge.

2. Meditation Teaching

Volunteers from Connecticut Falun Dafa Association will teach meditation exercises for body, mind and spirit. For more information, you may visit

This can be done during your cultural event for the length of the event or as a separate 1-hour lecture. This is always free to the public.

3. Movie Screening

CCCA offers a free movie screening service of selected new films that explore the current situation in China.

From free film screenings, discussions and cultural events CCCA offers unique and important programs to the community.

We now offer a new service presenting contemporary, independent, award winning films as a part of our community programming.

This service provides licensed film screenings for the general public in clubs, libraries, schools, churches, corporations and private social events.

Please Click Here to view the upcoming films available for showing.

If you would like to schedule a program with us, please contact us at